A 2nd Prediction on the ‘Future of Process Excellence’

In their 2016 Annual Report, The PEX Network discusses “Emergence: The Future of Operational Excellence”, and predicts how changes in the business and economic landscapes will impact the way that companies approach process excellence in the next 5-10 years. Their second prediction describes how “modularity and flexibility [must] be built into processes to enable rapid business change

With the expansion of global markets and continually changing consumer demands, companies must adapt quickly so as to remain competitive. In other words, operational lines should be flexible enough to be able to produce new outcomes in a timely manner.

“[There is a] need to make processes more ‘modular’, like a series of building blocks that can be added, removed or changed as business circumstances require.”

Creating modular processes requires:

  • Foresight about what outcome(s) the modified process will produce
  • Early design which takes modularity into consideration
  • Understanding of how the pieces of the process fit together.

These can be met through a hierarchical process mapping approach. hierarchical map.pngThis is a visual representation of a process or a complete operation. The level of detail increases as the diagrams represent processes going the hierarchical levels of workflows.  Examples of such mapping are value stream maps, relationship map and mind maps. Distinct advantages are that they bring out the relationship between main processes and supporting ones, as well as links to important process documentation.

Developing flexible and modular processes can be achieved using the Agile Development method, Lean Start up principles or other emerging approaches. Ultimately, the approach must help businesses to:

“understand how the processes fit together – end to end- to deliver value to customers… in an environment where time is scares and rapid change often required, the ability to rapidly test and adapt processes is of critical importance”.

For more on this topic, and other predictions on the “Emergence: The Future of Operational Excellence”, read the full PEX Network Report here >>  http://bit.ly/2gyNCng

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