Bits of Leadership Wisdom… from a Woman’s Perspective

Ahead of the 18th OPEX Annual Business Transformation Summit, PEX Network Editor interviewed Erika Westbay, Director of Performance Improvement at The Nature Conservancy, about women in OPEX leadership. Erika attended her first PEX Network event in 2007; nearly ten years on she has agreed to share her story.

Below, I share a few key points from Erika’s interview which resonated with me, and may resonate with you. To read the full interview, click here >> Women in Leadership

Leaders have a unique opportunity to promote diversity. It has been shown that a good dose of gender diversity and other types of diversity contribute to the higher performance and womenleadershipviability of organizations. As women in the workforce, we represent diversity. As women leaders, we should ensure balanced diversity is well represented in the organizations we are part of.

Leaders should view obstacles as opportunities. When facing difficulties, gender is often seen as the cause of the problem. Even if that happens to be true, women leaders should view such obstacles as opportunities, when possible. Working through challenges will contribute to our growth and development as leaders.

Leaders need to improve on the decision-making process. Very often, organizations get stuck in the process of making decisions, rather than moving on to finalizing and implementing decisions. Erika has started a “decision-making meter” on projects, and is using it as a key performance indicator. In Erika’s words:

“…We need to excel in the decision-making process so we don’t get stuck in start all the time”.

If you would like to hear more from Erika Westbay and other successful women leaders, consider attending the OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit, 23-27 January 2017, Orlando, FL. OPEX Week is the #1 Global OPEX event, with an agenda which boasts 21 new workshops, 12 new tracks, 24 Interactive Discussion Groups and will feature 100+ value-led sessions covering 10 forward thinking themes including: Business Transformation, Customer Centricity, Innovation, RPA&I, Data Analytics, Agile, Leadership and Culture. Find out more >> Summit Info


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