How Team Huddles support Improvement Initiatives

It’s 10:30am…time for a team huddle!1030

The team has been making a huge impact on the LGBT community in San Antonio, which has been affected with rising HIV incidence over the past few years. And huddles have proven to be a great mechanism to bring the team together and aligned with improvement initiatives.

In addition to implementing an innovative online outreach program and re-aligning resources to ensure that dedicated Social Workers are promptly available, the team also took on LEAN initiatives. The 5S methodology was used to optimize clients flow, improve record keeping, and make room for a comfortable seating area, referred to as the ‘café’.
In order to ensure continued funding of the program and better service delivery, the team identified key metrics tied to the Triple AIM criteria established by IHI (Institute for Healthcare Improvement). tripleaim

Some of the Critical to Quality metrics identified were: number of tests taken, percent positive tests, number of walk-ins, number of volunteers, viral load of tested clients, number of incidents reported, and other.

At 10:30 am sharp, the team is ready to begin a huddle – or “hug-le” as they like to describe it – to discuss the previous day’s events against established metrics, celebrate successes and review lessons learned.  Upcoming events and administrative items are also communicated. Some coaching takes place, but ultimately the manager’s voice is no greater than the voice of front line employees. All is done with notable “Respect for People”, which is one of the most important LEAN tenets.

By the time the meeting is adjourned (~10:45am), the team members spoke, asked, and contributed.

What is Critical to Success of this LEAN implementation is how the leadership of that program is embracing a ‘new’ management system that encourages passion for service and efficient and ethical processes. Because of it, the team is confidently advancing towards a model program and excellence in service to the LGBT community in this part of Texas!

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