Business & Process Improvement Huddles

huddleEach morning, the Business & Process Improvement (B&PI) team members meet for a huddle. We use this time, 9:30-9:45AM, to discuss the previous day’s activities and what we have on the agenda for the current day. We also bring up challenges, successes and exchange ideas that may help each other out as we begin our new day. Here are some of the items covered on a daily basis:

Events – This is a snapshot of upcoming events, ranging from business trips to team members time off.

Gemba walk tracker – we track the number of Gemba walks completed. We typically report on the area of business visited, who we worked with and the outcomes of the Gemba walk.

Meeting tracker – We use this tracker to record the meetings we facilitated or training sessions we conducted. We have a key on the bottom right showing how we measure the time and each box is color coded to match the team members names.

Monthly Calendar – This allows all team members to be aware of upcoming management and  board meetings, so as to be better prepared if called in to provide status update on 1 of the critical projects.

Standard Work & One Point Lessons (OPL’s) – We use this area to track new Standard Work documents or One Point Lessons, by theme and by division.

A3’s – We use this area to track new Continuous Improvement (A3’s) submissions, A3 projects that were closed as well as newly identified CI opportunities while on Gemba walks. A running total allows us to monitor all of CI projects being supported, closed, or recently identified.

Huddle Board Training Tracker (2)Training Tracker – We use this area of the Huddle Board to track the time spent with individuals who are being coached on CI/Lean methodology. We measure the training in 15 minute increments (.25) and assess time allocations by CI tool, trainees, and B&PI team members.

The B&PI huddles were implemented early on. They allowed the team to develop a strong bond, sped up the on-boarding process of new B&PI employees, helped identify and resolve issues quickly, and served as a model to other areas of the business, among many other benefits!

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